General Purpose

GP is a versatile product to suit a wide range of applications such as Concrete, Grout, Mortar and render.

Off White

Used in many projects for its brighter finish. It is ideal to add oxides to create a coloured finish.

Concrete Mix

For the DIY advocates, our concrete mix is a blend of sand, aggregate and cement ready to go. Just add water to mix. Great for small jobs such as post holes or patching, garden edges, paths and footings.

Rapid Set

As the name suggests, this hard setting cement allows for very little time to mix and compact, which is perfect for post hole applications.

Builders Cement


This product is also used for making concrete, Grout and Mortar. It is made with fly ash which improves workability, later age strength and enhances the durability performance of concrete.

Fire Clay

A plasticiser for cement rendering and plastering, improves workability of mortars and renders, also supplies refractory properties.